The next frontier is closer than appears.
Always keep asking Why. Change your beliefs and you change your life one thought at a time.
I see technology infrastructure as an apprecieating asset. I restructure web applications and their founding companies to minimize redundancy, maximize developer throughput, naturally integrate with current and future technologies. Rome wasn't built in a day and the virtual world has only just laid their foundation.
  • Artificial Intelligience
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Azure in Production
  • Full Automated Testing Suite
  • Language Parsing
  • Cross-platform Application Development
  • Web Scraping
  • Data-driven Application Development
  • 3rd Party Software Integration
  • Design Patterns within Microservices
  • Fully Asynchronous Applications
  • Functional Programming Mastery
  • Responsive Frontend Design
  • Modular Web Elements
  • Cross-browser + Mobile First Design
  • Dynamic Scalibility in Production
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Full JS OOP: Encapsulation, Inheritance(classical and prototypical), Polymorphism
  • Auto Scaling Groups, Elastic Load Balancers
  • Scaling with Cloudformation
  • AWS Code Deploy with Github Integration
  • Full Automated development process with Circle CI
  • Ansible scripts for DB migration and backup
  • SSL Enabled, Cross-platform Application Deployment
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Keystone Strategy, LLC.
Sr. Software Engineer & Technical Consultant
Brisbane, California
  • Lead technical development of a Node, Angular, MongoDB data driven real time B2B web application.
  • Designed API layer and data models on Server level. Updated front end to use async libraries to communicate in real time. Implemented responsive design, async real time client calls.
  • Created front-end components that allowed real time search with multiple keyword matching searching and filtering.
  • Design and develop security architecture for client business requirements. Presented application’s encryption system to client decision makers.
  • Improved content quality on Search Engine Result Pages by adding new query intents and modules.
Keystone Strategy, LLC provides strategic consulting services. The firm’s practice areas include antitrust, intellectual property, performance management, business ecosystems, damages, and measured marketing. It caters to Internet search, online advertising, aerospace, telecom, semiconductor, manufacturing, and retail industries. Keystone Strategy, LLC is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Kanler LLC.
Lead Software Engineer
Palo Alto, CA
  • Responsible for selecting best technology stack, designing app’s architecture based on discussions with the CEO.
  • Created relationships for all data models that our infrastructure needed. Automated development environment setup with migrations, seeds, walkthroughs.
  • Developed web automation that collects data from web pages for data verification purposes using Selenium.
  • Implemented login and session controllers for site security, integrated Rails production and development environments with GitHub and Heroku.
  • Hired the company’s first two software engineers.
  • Exposed to a continuous and agile development environment with a focus on DevOps.
Kanler connects you with thousands of construction, remodel & home improvement contractors. We assemble experts from every field to make sure your project get the highest craftsmanship. Property owners are matched with a team that is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and has gone through an extensive vetting process. Kanler is able to get multiple bids through their network of pre-qualified contractors and able to remain price competitive by using high quality smaller companies while providing to the owners the assurances of a larger company (warranties, document control, online portal for your project, and general peace of mind throughout your project).
The Clorox Co.
Software Engineer Consultant
San Francisco, California
  • Responsible for leading the front-end (AngularJS, D3.JS) development of a Emergency response application. Other technology included MongoDB, Node, Socket-IO, Red hat Enterprise Linux
  • Developed full stack for application, which communicates vital company metrics to other applications in the back-end network of the company. Allowed non-technical teammates to handle tasks such as version patches and releases.
  • Integrated full continuous integration suite using Git, CircleCI, Ansible reducing redundant work by avg 10 hours per team member per week.
  • Data visualization necessary to quickly represent emergency response data to Analyst and first-response teams
Clorox products are sold primarily through mass merchandisers, retail outlets, e-commerce channels, distributors and medical supply providers. Clorox brands include its namesake bleach and cleaning products, as well as Brita, Burt's Bees, Formula 409, Glad, Hidden Valley, Kitchen Bouquet, KC Masterpiece, Soy Vay, Kingsford, Liquid-Plumr, Mistolin, Pine-Sol, Poett, Tilex, S.O.S., and Fresh Step, Scoop Away and Ever Clean cat litters.
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Elbii LLC.
Software Engineer Consultant
San Francisco, California
  • Shipped production level code to over 2.5 million daily active users using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Released a mobile API which handles 100% of mobile traffic and serves varied content via mobile device detection.
  • Increased user engagement by 4% by releasing fully responsive user-facing features and optimizations.
  • Helped to transition to service oriented architecture using technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka, Avro and XMPP.
  • Optimized the website to have a 12% faster load time by refactoring and removing redundancies.
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Vital Images Inc.
Software Developer and Test Intern
Minneapolis, MN
  • Wrote hundreds of automated E2E and integration tests.
  • Implemented database timezone syncs for multi-tenant web app
  • Wrote mock object API for testing purposes
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